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Ethiopia receives $ 3.9 billion in foreign investment

Ethiopia has received $ 3.9 billion in foreign investment, including $ 800 million from the recent telecom license, according to the Investment Commission.

Investment Commissioner Lelisa Neme told The Reporter that Ethiopia's foreign direct investment (FDI) revenue was better compared to the same period last year.

Ethiopia was relatively peaceful in 2020. It attracted $ 2.5 billion in foreign investment.

The commissioner said all industrial parks in the state have been shut down due to the law enforcement campaign in Tigray State in the 2021 Ethiopian budget year.

However, the commissioner said, "This is a great achievement for us, and we are amazed and excited about its performance."

The Investment Commissioner said this on Thursday, July 30, 2021. He spoke with newly-invested industrial parks and other diplomats based in Addis Ababa about the recently completed industrial parks and other options.

Shades awaiting the newly built industrial parks and investors include new options in Bole Lemi, Kilinto, Dire Dawa, Semera, Bulbula, Bure and Yirgalem, Harari, Gambella and Benishangul-Gumz.

The commissioner told the audience that Ethiopia has built world-class industrial parks that meet the needs of investors and meet the needs of investors.

Investment Commission 2021 A summary of the overall annual performance of the current budget year will be issued next week.


You can get more information from the Ministry of Trade and Industry by clicking on the following links.

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The TPLF's illegal money laundering network was seized along with the suspects

The Ethiopian Federal Police (EFP) has announced that it has arrested a number of suspects in connection with the illegal foreign exchange and money transfer network used by the terrorist TPLF from Addis Ababa to Togo.

The dollars were collected from Addis Ababa on the black market and worked to weaken the government.

It is also alleged that the terrorist group is a major source of funding for the terrorist group by illegally exporting foreign currency collected through commercial networks.

Police said they have arrested six international money transfer companies, 11 individuals from 15 banks and 10,276,496 birr and more than 100 bank books.

He said he had learned that the terrorist group was trying to weaken the government in Addis Ababa by covering up the legal process, causing a shortage of foreign exchange for imported raw materials, and increasing the cost of living and inciting the people against the government.

The terrorist group is said to have raised money from Ethiopians living abroad to buy weapons and spend money on schooling for their children.

The terrorist group has also put pressure on the country's economy, exacerbating the cost of living.

Source: EBC


You can get more information from the Ministry of Trade and Industry by clicking on the following links.


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Revenue from electricity and electronics exports generated $ 24 million

Addis Ababa,August 3,2021 (MOTI) - The Ethiopian government has earned 24 million USD from the export of electricity, electronics and communication equipment in the 2013 Ethiopian budget year.

The revenue came from electricity, electronics and communication products exported to various countries, and 80 percent of the revenue came from the technology.

According to Tsehaye Yinesu, Director of Electronic, Electrical and Information Communication Technology Industry Research and Support, 15 new factories have been opened and 1,500 jobs have been created.

You can get more information from the Ministry of Trade and Industry by clicking on the following links.

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The role of tribal leaders is crucial to peace

Addis Ababa, July2,2021 (MOTI) As it is known, our country, Ethiopia, is home to many nations and nationalities. These ethnic groups have their own Tuba culture, which is believed to play an important role in continuing the peace, love and unity journey that has just begun in our country.

Konso Zone, which is part of our country and is located in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Regional State, is home to many beautiful and beautiful traditions.

Led by the State Ministries of the FDRE Ministry of Trade and Industry; A delegation comprising of officials from the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region (SNNPR) has headed to the area. During the visit, the group also visited the cultures and values ​​of Konso.

Konso has many traditions and values, including conflict resolution and marriage ceremonies in the zone.

 The implications of these traditions for Ethiopia's unity and peace have been highlighted by tribal leaders and zonal leaders.

State Minister of Quality Trade and Regulatory Sector, Eshete Asfaw, said the culture has a positive role to play in bringing peace to the society and the government should pay special attention to these beautiful and attractive cultural values.

To bring peace to the community; The State Minister added that it is necessary to preserve, support and encourage existing cultures and traditions in order to maintain the traditional culture.

The group visited the home of the 20th leader of the Kurtata tribe, one of the nine tribes.

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Ministry of Trade and Industry holds its green Legacy program for the 4th time


Addis Ababa, August2,2021(MOTI) - Following the government's national seedling transplant program, the institutions are fulfilling their national goal by planting a large number of seedlings by coordinating their staff. The Ministry of Trade and Industry, in collaboration with its affiliated institutions, has launched its fourth seedling transplant program this month in the Konso Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region.

The transplant was carried out by the leadership of the Ministry and its affiliated institutions.

Speaking on the occasion, Konso Zone Chief Administrator, Dawit Gebeyehu, said the hard-working and hospitable people of Konso are part of this historic event.

He promised to renovate the house of the disabled and build one block of Gamole Primary School, and provide tin and cement inputs to start the renovation of the school and the house of the disabled.

The support will continue!

You can get more information from the Ministry of Trade and Industry by clicking on the following links.


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