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The government will provide the necessary support to enable Alana Qera Factory to produce at full capacity

Addis Ababa, April 07, 2021 (MOTI) - Fregorifico Boran, a food processing company in Alana Group, which has been investing in Ethiopia for the past few years, is not producing at full capacity due to the current crisis. They are incompetent, lack of foreign exchange and lack of market access.

The company has the capacity to produce 9,000 goats and 3,000 head of cattle per day, but currently produces only 800 sheep and goats.

To this end, the health status of the animals, the modernization of the environment, the illegal livestock trade, and the fact that the animals used by the organization for slaughter are small in terms of gender.

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Yellow beans are marketed in the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange


      For the first time, we have received 1000 quintals of yellow beans, one of the most sought after products in the world market, through the Bule Hora branch of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange.

Accordingly, we call on exporters to purchase the product as it will be available for sale.

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The selling Price of Cement Factories

           The selling Price of Cement Factories

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Message For Walias

# The Walias



I wish you a successful journey and a great upliftment of our country #Ethiopia!

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Bulbula Integrated Agricultural Processing Park will be completed by the end of April

Addis Ababa, April 5  (MOTI) - The Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) Melaku Alebel on the occasion said the park is in good condition. He said the inauguration of the park alone does not make sense. Instead, making the park suitable for investors is a matter that needs special attention.

The Minister of Agro-Processing and Pharmaceutical Sector of the Ministry, Teka G/yese, who participated in the visit, said the overall construction process of the park is good and the ministry is working in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders regarding the construction of the park's infrastructure.

Oromia Regional State Integrated Agricultural Parks Coordinator, Sisay Gemechu, on his part said the construction and operation of the park has played an important role in creating job opportunities for the people of the state.

He said many investors have expressed interest in entering the park, but the lack of infrastructure is a major obstacle for investors to enter the park. Therefore, in line with the efforts of the regional government, he requested the ministry to address the issue, taking into account the urgency of the issue.

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